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September 1, 2008

There is no way I can find to organize these very well. They are more or less organized by subject with the ones that I think microscopist will find interesting at the beginning. I am sure here are plenty that are boring to everyone as they are boring to me now. But at one time I thought them interesting enough to save.

The links come form a half a dozen web browsers on Windows and Apple over dozens of versions. They don't format very well at all. I have tried to scrub out all the links that the group the views them might find offensive but short of reading every one of the 700 of them I can't do that even if I knew what everyone that read them night find offensive. - Gordon C.

online publising Home | Scribd
Goog Resrh

SUSTAINED RELEASE FILMS - Patent Review GB19850023493 19850923
Transfer Techniques


MicrAP Enterprises


Mounting Media
? if right Daily Cruise Report C-181
? if right Daily -Contributions in Marine Science, Cumulative Contents
Oamaru Diatomite Locations
MicrAP Enterprises
clean Diatoms
??Blackwell Synergy - J Phycol, Volume 2 Issue 4 Page 160-163, December 1966 (Article Abstract)
Museum of Dust: Diatomic Disaster


Meiji5.jpg 1598×1522 pixels
Index of /sickhouse/
Spectra LEDs - Gallium Indium Nitride UV, violet, purple, blue, aqua, turquoise, green, white. Also Gallium Arsenide and others. New LED MUSEUM! GaN, InGaN, SiC, GaAs, GaP, GaAlP, ZnSe, flashlight, flashlights.
How To Mirror Written Instructions :: AngelGilding.com
Dress code -- Mole 120 (1): 1 -- Journal of Cell Science
Lens Materials - Properties Comparison
Pleiglas optical properties
silicon eye spectral senitivity
scaned laser koelher
Microscience Group Inc.
Infared polarzer using flat plate
The Microscope: Its History, Construction, and... - Google Book Search
Modulation Services Page
Olympus microcope bood
Rik's Links
macam : Support Cameras
Mountants - © Woods and Ellis 2000
wratten filer curves
minus red CC filter curves
DVC Spectral Response, ccd camera, VayTek, medical imaging, scientific software, 3D reconstruction, quantum efficiency
surplus optical parts - Google Search
non contact rf disk lighting - Google Search
Marien's HomeSite
Adjusting Intensity
Mic-UK [site A]
micro compressor
Rotoifer Links
How to build a cheap ringflash on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Mic-UK [site A]
micro compressor
!The Best Collecting and Preserving Insects and Mites Techniques and Tools
Rotoifer Links
Scientific Program for The First International Symposium on
m b stevens design: website design and studio jewelry, plus Microscopy, Genealogy, Quilts, Fiction, and Painting
Plant Pathology @ UGA
Slime MoldGallery of Myxomycetes
Science Blog
high res liica

B-40-029Standard25_ICS.pdf (application/pdf Object)
B-40-015AxiolabA.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Carl Zeiss International
basic_microscopy.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Untitled Document
On Closer Inspection...James Solliday
Astroart image processing
Neat Image :: purchase
Carl Zeiss Inc.
Bulb / Lamp: MAIN PAGE - rare specialty bulbs projector lamps
!! Correctring averaion in image
Welcome to the South Florida Periphyton Research Homepage
PpiscSexualcycle.pdf (application/pdf Object)
DIC descrition
lecture1.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Edmund Optics - RazorEdge™ Longpass Filters
Laboratory Equipment
Digital & Video Cameras
Mic-UK [site A]: Micscape Magazine, exploring the miniature world
appendixb.pdf (application/pdf Object)


Man the nanoscopes -- Wells 164 (3): 337 -- The Journal of Cell Biology

Table of Contents
Mic-UK [site A]: Circular oblique illumination (COL) and the examination of blood.
Main page
Single Molecule Spectroscopy by Confocal Microscopy
eBay Seller: bjomejag: Healthcare, Lab Life Science, Industrial Electrical Test items on eBay.com


Homebrew STM Page
Simple STM Project
microscope For Sale
iOffer User Registration Successful
Gregor Overney's Photo Galleries at pbase.com
ESRF Beamline ID21 X-ray microscopy

Special Stuff

National Aperture, Inc. - Round Apertures aperture aperature apeture (Pinholes)
Making Digital Camera Microscope Adapters
GunterSpindleStage.pdf (application/pdf Object)
The Scientist :: A primitive energy pathway in fungus
Moulds: their isolation, cultivation, and identification
Free Patent Searching and PDF Downloading
Mycology Online

Micro & photo

GoToMeeting Corporate : Web conferencing, Online Meetings, Net Meeting, Online Training, Web Conference, Presentation Software, Web conferencing solution, Web collaboration, Web conferencing service, Collaboration software, Web Conferencing Software
Taking the Earth's Magnetic Pulse

yahoo files

Anleitung zum Gebrauch des Mikrotoms.pdf
LED light source.pdf
Molecular Expressions: Images from the Microscope
Measurement Systems for All Applications : The latest Measurement Products : MeasureCentral.com - KEYENCE
Molecular Expressions: Images from the Microscope


Parasitic worms and inflammatory diseases
Parasitic worms and inflammatory diseases


Interfereced mirocpws GREAT PAOPER
spelamps.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Chroma Technology Corp.
Advanced Light And Vision Concepts
High Power LED Luxeon K2 Power LEDs
Make your own flash trigger
Hemispherical Reflectance Measured By The Npl Relative Technique, With Diffuse And Regular Components Separated
Spectral Sensitivity silcone sun eye
Ratings of Some Xenon Flashtubes
Welcome to the Museum of Historic Discharge Lamps
IBGT regualted PHTO Flash
LED series parallel array wizard
PWM for using high volts for low volt bulb
Applying Philips’ power management portfolio – 2005
Notes on LEDs


American Opto Plus LED Corporation
Pikes Peak Rock Shop Catalog
Interferace Microsopes


Photographic Filters, Adaptors, Accessories, and lots more
Photographic Filters, Adaptors, Accessories, and lots more
Adapter Ring
"Projection Moiré Interferometer" build - Google Search
CameraQuest Home Lens adapter and repairs
Evennett_digitalcamera.pdf (application/pdf Object)
scientific imaging bibliography
Slit-Scan Photography with Large Format Cameras
Video Gadgets you can make
Micro Fasteners - Hobbyists Source - Locknuts - Washers - Machine Screws - Fasteners - Rivets - Wood Screws
Cleaning Camera Sensors
The Time Machine Camera Controller / Intervalometer
Software for Digital Cameras
Build Cable Release
Digital Camera Tools
Lee Precision, Inc. Serving You Since 1958
macro discussion
Very macro LF photography
Evennett_digitalcamera.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Mic-UK [site A]: The High Eyepoint Ocular and the Digicam

Fiskars® - 45mm Rotary Cutter - Product Detail
Gmail - [microscopehobby] Stink tank idea
Evennett_digitalcamera.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Royal Microscopical Society
swater.pdf (application/pdf Object)
National Petrographic Service, Inc. - preparation of thin and polished sections, paleontological, palynology, kerogen and vitrinite slides - Houston, TX
Microscopy_from_the_very_beginning.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Zeiss The Clean Microscope
LIEDER Homepage microscope slides
The Fifth Kingdom
Biofilm primer
Biofilm Mechanics - System Set Up
Micro Fasteners - Hobbyists Source - Locknuts - Washers - Machine Screws - Fasteners - Rivets - Wood Screws
Invent Now
Preserving Specimens


imageJ Ratio Plus
circular-dic_e.pdf Patent
worms UPenn
worms uPen cat
Diagnostics of Veterinary Endoparasitic Diseases
Fecal smears and flotaion
Diagnostics of Veterinary Endoparasitic Diseases
C- Fertilizer Microscopy Handbook APPENDIX B.pdf (application/pdf Object)
How to make vaccien for New Castles Diseas in the 3d world
46-0009_e.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Droplet - Microscopy of the Protozoa
FAO Fecal Flotaion

mounts & cells


thin sections

Used and Reconditioned Leica Objectives from GTI Microsystems
AtomFilms: Watch the best short films & animations -- free!
Free Stock Footage - - Royalty Free Video Clips
Google Groups: google.public.web-apis
Google Scholar
Mic-UK [site A] Micscape Magazine, exploring the miniature world
OfSurfaceQuality.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Patent Storm: U.S. Patents
Personal Finance and Investing - MSN Money
Pharmacy Times Practical Information for Today's Pharmacist
Radio Station Guide
Vis Thes

FAO Fecal Flotaion

circularly polarized antenna - Google Image Search
Lessons In Electric Circuits -- Volume II (AC) - Chapter 13


Mic-UK [site A]
micro compressor
Rotoifer Links
Pharmacy Times Practical Information for Today's Pharmacist

Mic-UK [site A] Micscape Magazine, exploring the miniature world
my Stuff and News International [mysan.de/international] - Nikon Announces LiveScan Next Generation Swept Field Confocal Microscope
LDV for Optical MEMS _v2.pdf (application/pdf Object)


001030.trap.pdf (application/pdf Object)
guide.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Insect & Animal Traps
Grasshopper Collections and Survey


Electrodeless Sulphur Lights
MIT World » : Play: The Perfect Lens: Resolution Beyond the Limits of Wavelength
Mounted Beam Splitter Cube
1.5 V 1 transitor LED Make a Joule Thief - Weekend Projects Video Podcast
Micro-Notes - Jan. 1950 - Collecting And Identifying Diatoms. - I.
M3447LL/A Apple Apple (M3447LL/A) Video Capture Card, Apple Mac and iPod Accessories
Photoport Beam Splitter - Applied Scientific Instrumentation
Don's LED Main Page
The LED FAQ Pages
Molecular Dimensions Limited USA

LED Light Drawing Pens: Tools for drawing light doodles - Instructables - DIY, How To, art, photography

Pacemaker interference with an iPod. [Heart Rhythm. 2007] - PubMed Result
ScienceDirect - Heart Rhythm : Pacemaker interference with an iPod
Remote measurement of near-surface ... - Google Patents
My Yahoo!
Gmail - Southern AgUpdates, February 2, 2008 - gordon.couger@gmail.com
Smart' holograms patent - Google Search
LED Light Drawing Pens: Tools for drawing light doodles - Instructables - DIY, How To, art, photography
MAKE a mind control hypnosis dream machine Cheap - Instructables - DIY, How To, tech
MAKE: Blog: Quick 'n dirty muzzle velocity test
MAKE: Blog: Canal street plastics, NYC
Boost Mobile - Compare Plans
Improve your photography with clasical art.


Formvar Powder & Solutions
Specialty Tools
Mercox Prefusion casting
Microscope Slides & Accessories good stuff
LED curciut borads
Diamond Wire Technology - Diamond Wire
Separating Ethanol From Water
Alcohol Fuel Manual Ch12 dry w/ quick lime
aboslute Alcohol
lens_cleaning.pdf (application/pdf Object)
BioQuip Home Page
Microscope - Valuable Information and Resources!
Automotive Converters and Calculators
Leptraps.com - Entomology equipment
USDA collection metionds soil, bugs plants
insect mounting USDA


Making Knives with the LKB Knifemaker
The LKB Knifemaker 7800B


3D Slicer
Confocal Microscopy (Cellular Imaging Core, SWEHSC)
Using the Microscope: Basic Tutorial: Part 4: Köhler Illumination Setup.
Look for scatter plate inverferomoer.
Tree of Life Web Project Home
American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists
WARD'S Natural Science - Search


Diatom Home Page
Diatom and Desmid Identification by Shape and Texture - the DIADIST project
Great Lakes Diatoms

Van Leeuwenhoek

leeuwen.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Homemade van Leeuwenhoek microscope plans
John Kiernan's web page - Make your own aqueous mountants
Mounting Mediums for Histology from CANEMCO & MARIVAC
lightteach.pdf (application/pdf Object)
LDV for Optical MEMS _v2.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Neat Image :: purchase


Nikon Coolpix 2500. Camera research. RAW format.
Cheap Brightfield Microscopy Imaging System
On Closer Inspection...Videomicrography
CCD / CMOS Cleaning Photo Gallery by Nicholas R. at pbase.com
Brush Your Sensor
CMOS sensor cleaning on the EOS 10D (and 300D?)
how to build cooled camteras Machine Vision
BeyondLogic - CMOS Image Sensors
Infrared Solutions, Inc. - Company Profile
Extended Depth Of Field Using Panorama Tools
Lieberkühn Reflectors - Olympus OM Macrophoto Group
Photographic Filters, Adaptors, Accessories, and lots more
Dakota PV2 series Single-Use Digital Camera


Lieberkühn Reflectors - Olympus OM Macrophoto Group
Flash Slave Trigger
Mini efficient coil launcher from disposable camera flash
xen2xtr.pdf (application/pdf Object)
xenfls1.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ: Strobe Lights and Design Guidelines, Useful Circuits, and Schematics
Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Electronic Flash Units and Strobe Lights and Design Guidelines, Useful Circuits, and Schematics
Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Electronic Flash Units and Strobe Lights and Design Guidelines, Useful Circuits, and Schematics
MAKE: Blog: DIY Micro Dolly
Internet Archive : books on microscopy
Mikroscopia (Powered by Invision Power Board)
Proper Use of the Light Microscope: Kohler Illumination
Lensless high-resolution on-chip optofluidic microscopes for Caenorhabditis elegans and cell imaging — PNAS

Image Processing

Edmund Optics
dust collectors w/ Mofified Frisbee type
Mic-UK [site A]: Micscape Magazine, exploring the miniature world
Mare surgey

stop motion

Clay Animator How To Site: Free Stop Motion Animator Program
Animateclay.com :: The Clay Animation and Stop Motion How To Page: Clay & Stop Motion Animation Community, News & More
Lee Precision,Inc. Shopping Cart




Light Field Photography with a Hand-Held Plenoptic Camera


Matt Considine : Brashear's letters to "English Mechanic"
_John Alfred Brashear--
Matt Considine : Brashear's letters to "English Mechanic"
Drew Curtis' FARK.com
ChannelOklahoma.com - Home

spectral research

Food Science Program Specializations
vis-nir on Chickens
USDA bactera fast recognition
Food Safety Research Information Office - Program & Planning Documents
Rapid Detection of Meat Spoilage by Measuring Volatile Organic Compounds by Using Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry
fast find food sopilage
C.V. for Willem Windig, Ph.D.
yeast ID by FFT of IR
photo corecioin in Jsva !!!!
HowTo make graase sealed cover slips PpiscSexualcycle.pdf (application/pdf Object)

optical tools

wire diaons saw


ATM Silvering Mirror (long)
Master Glossary Index
Notes on the silvering of mirrors

Focusing Schlieren System

Basics of Focusing Schlieren Systems
Teaching High Speed Photography and Photo-instrumentation
FSSISFV7_updated.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Best Schilernen set up
Photographing Wasps in Free Flight
A Grating Ruling Engine
British Astronomical Association : Instruments and Imaging Section


ScienceDaily: Forest Fire Sensor Inspired By Nature; Bonn Zoologists 'Copy' A Beetle's Monitoring Device
Optical tomography

Internet Archive: Details: Elementary Chemical Microscopy
Cultivating Algae for Liquid Fuel Production


Olympus Digital School - Home
Our Company | Global | Home > Let your photos spring to life with ...
Digital Camera Tips and Tricks
PictBridge Technology - Cut Out the Middle Man.


Night Shooting - Stop the Noise
Spotlight on Metering
Brilliant Fireworks Photos: E-System
Night Scene Mode
Pixel Mapping
Focus on Aperture
In-Camera Editing
Protecting Your Images
Photo Storage
White Balance: Getting the Balance Right
Useful Tips: Auto Bracketing
Useful Tips: Histogram
EVOLT E-510 > Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to BTZS.org - B&W photographic community
CameraQuest Home atdapters & repair
Fotodiox.com photo supply
How To Build Your Own XL-1 Stabilizer

Sony HC48

Sony eSupport - DCR-DVD203 - News & Alerts


NASA data offers a safari into vast African topography
Message Board :: View topic - Nasa World Wind - interactive globe
Global Elevation Data
NASA Tech Briefs - Home
dial elvation data Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
Latitude-Longitude (decimal and degrees/minutes/seconds) of US Cities (www.realestate3d.com)

Photo & Hunting Blinds

Photo Safaris - Getting Close, Using Blinds - Part 2
Birdchick Blog
New Camo Camping Hunting Blind Worldwide Shipping 34936 - (eBay item 300182404240 end time Dec-20-07 12:49:55 PST)
AVERY GREENHEAD GEAR FINISHER BLIND BAG KW-1 GOOSE NEW! - (eBay item 170177594544 end time Dec-18-07 18:25:12 PST)
22222Ameristep Outhouse Ground Blind All Purpose Green *NEW* - (eBay item 110206875358 end time Dec-24-07 18:41:08 PST)
Cabela's Hunter's Specialties Backpacker Hideout Blind Ratings & Reviews
Bass Pro Shops Search Results
Building Bird Blinds


Taking the Earth's Magnetic Pulse
LesRiley.net :: View topic - Tyson's Beef Plans
FDA/CFSAN U.S. Food Code - Table of Contents
Technology Review: A New Biofuel: Propane
Botanicalls Twitter DIY
Annals of Agriculture: russin seed bank 2 starved w/ guarding food: The New Yorker
Wheatware™ Bio-Compostables - Our Products | Biodegradable, Biocompostable, Eco Friendly Products
Microflora of Soil as Viewed by Freeze-Etching
Freeze - Fracturing soil
In Situ Freeze-Capturing of Fracture Water using Cryogenic Coring -- Su et al. 3 (4): 1479 -- Vadose Zone Journal
Further Characterization and In Situ Localization of Chain-Like ...
bstract | Unforeseen misuses of bed nets in fishing villages along Lake Victoria

Technology Review: A New Biofuel: Propane

Technical Note: Finding Dirt and Debris in your Microscope
Unforeseen misuses of bed nets in fishing villages along Lake Victoria


Cycling '74 || Product soundflower
GarageBand Tutorial: Apple - iLife - Tutorials - Creating Your Own Podcast


Audacity: Download Nyquist Plug-Ins
Apple - QuickTime - Tutorials - Creating Video Podcasts on Mac OS X
AssistiveWare - Assistive Technology Video Podcasts
!!!!!!GarageBand for Macintosh OS X - Podcasting
!!!O'Reilly - Safari Books Online - Search Results
GoToMeeting Corporate : Web conferencing, Online Meetings, Net Meeting, Online Training, Web Conference, Presentation Software, Web conferencing solution, Web collaboration, Web conferencing service, Collaboration software, Web Conferencing Software

problem solving

Problem Solving and Comprehension - Questia Online Library

worming life stock

Economics of Deworming Beef Cattle & Herd Monitoring with Feca
WHITLOCK McMaster 3 chamber worm egg counting slide
Bovine Fecal Exam Limitations

Arthur Strange

Nikon MicroscopyU: Small World Competition - 1986 Winners
Nikon Small World - Gallery
Nikon Small World - Gallery
Nikon MicroscopyU: Small World Competition - 1985 Winners
Nikon Small World - Gallery


Training manual for embryo transfer in cattle
OpAmp Theory
Analog Devices: Design Center: HOME
AC strain gauge amp
Single voltage Power supply OpAmp
Bridge OSC Op
press-n-peel,InkJet,PCB Etch,Etch PCB
Direct to PCB ink jet resist printing
Phidgets Inc. - Unique and Easy to Use USB Interfaces
The NIST Reference on Constants, Units, and Uncertainty
Lunchbox Laboratory ~


Dr. Lubos Polerecky
Oxygen Measured in Water by Making Movies
DIY Drones
MAKE: Blog: Wii-controlled robo-blimp


Altuglas International: Europe/Americas/Asia: Design Considerations
Instructables Interactive Multitouch Display : step 11
Biotechnology for Biofuels |
Taking the Earth's Magnetic Pulse
Diamondoids Can Be Refined From Crude Oil
Microwave pretreatment, enzymatic fermentation of wheat straw to ethanol
A harp made from frickin' laser beams - Engadget
copper nano rods up Boiling efficiency takes a 30-fold leap - R & D
Beyond pickles—medicine from watermelon rind? - Science Update - medicinal applications of citrulline - Brief Article | Agricultural Research | Find Articles at BNET
USB As A Power Source

Apple Stuff

Dissecting Mighty Mouse: Page 1

Mac Software

Apple - Mac OS X - Downloads
Mac OS X Apps
VersionTracker: Mac OS X Software
Using NASA's World Wind Component in Your Java Technology Applications

Mac Support

Apple Support
MacFixIt - Troubleshooting Solution for the Macintosh
Mac OS X Hints

Mac News

MacSurfer's Headline News
MacCentral Online
MacNN | The Macintosh News Network
MacInTouch: Mac news, information and analysis
TidBITS Electronic Publishing
Apple - Mac OS X
Apple .Mac Welcome

Order Brass 360 Hex in Small Quantities at OnlineMetals.com
MachineDesign.com: Another way to peer inside the body
LightLab Imaging Technology
Polarized light microscopy as a tool of diagnostic pathology.


Blackwell Synergy - Trop Med Int Health, Volume 6 Issue 4 Page 280 - April 2001 (Full Text)
PANNA: Malaria Control: General and Multi-Regional
Entrez PubMed
Malaria Vector Control Strategies
Mic-UK [site A]: Circular oblique illumination (COL) and the examination of blood.
W O R L D M A L A R I A R E P O R T 2 0 0 5
DIAGNOSIS OF MALARIA BY MAGNETIC DEPOSITION MICROSCOPY -- ZIMMERMAN et al. 74 (4): 568 -- American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
The Prion Diseases

Controls & CPUs Etc

Serial Links using RS-232 and RS-485
ejip: A Free Java TCP/IP Stack for Embedded Systems
Wireless Data

Embedded Computer

18-549 Embedded Systems Design (capstone) | Hardware
C Training Courses: C Programming - A Course in Embedded Systems Development using the C Language from GBdirect C Training (UK)
Power C
Computer history
Conductive Fabric: Make Flexible Circuits Using An Inkjet Printer. - Instructables - DIY, How To, tech, art
SourceForge.net: Welcome to SourceForge.net
Pololu - Robotics Resources


Dan's Small Parts and Kits
The Laser Harp
Jen Lewin
laser harp
Oxygen Measured in Water by Making Movies
MAKE: Blog: Wii-controlled robo-blimp

Electronics parts

eBay Seller: resistor-world: Electrical Test Equipment, Other Crafts items on eBay.co.uk
PCBCART, Prototype to Production PCB supplier from China
Analog Devices: : Application Notes
Luxeon LEDs - BuckPuck 700mA DC LED Driver (PCB Mount)

Application Notes

Application Notes: Hierarchy Listing
Application Notes by Category
Fairchild Semiconductor - Application Notes
Atmel Corporation
International Rectifier - Application Notes
Application Notes
Application Notes - Electronic Engineering Times-Asia
Useful Application Notes
SISWEB Application Notes
Princeton Applied Research - Application Notes
Agilent | Application Notes
GlobalSpec – Engineering Search & Industrial Supplier Catalogs
VayTek, Deconvolution, 3-D volume visualization, medical imaging, digital imaging, microscopy, vaytek
Mini-Circuits Application Notes
Application Notes
Archive of Application Notes and Quick Reference Guides
Semiconductor Application Reports
Texas Insterments Semiconductor Application Reports
Best of Design Ideas - Table of Contents - EDN
diy Magnometer
Circuit Cellar - magnometer
Practical Guidelines for building a Magnetometer by Hobbyists
JPG serial camara
Paroscientific, Inc. Fiber Optic Sensors


Lightning Source ... The Power of One
Warnings and Cautions for Writers--Writer Beware's Thumbs Down Agency List
Writer Beware--Index Page
Warnings and Cautions for Writers--Print on Demand
booksandtales.com :: View topic - Author w/Over 700 Sales in 1st Month Gives Thoughts on Lulu


H2690 MT3 Quick Change Collet Set w/ 8 Collets
disk drive


Making Digital Camera Microscope Adapters
Raynox Adapter Ring List for Digital Camera and Cancorder - English


Photographic Filters, Adapters, Usage...
Photographic Filters, Adapters, Usage...
3 color filtter expanaiton


US Digital MD2S Microstepping Motor Driver complete
A3955: Full-Bridge PWM Microstepping Motor Driver


SourceForge.net: Welcome to SourceForge.net
Apple - Support - Discussions - Using XCode Tools in Terminal ...
The C Library Reference Guide
Optimize Options - Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
Mac OS X Manual Page For apxs(8)
mathC: home
Free Numerical, Mathematical and Statistical Libraries and Source Code (thefreecountry.com)
C Users Journal
Windows Programming/Programming Windows with OSS Tools - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
Learning the GNU development tools: Preface
GCC online documentation - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
MAC compiler flags
Xcode Tools Tips
set command line Xcode Projects
Google Code
Building platform-neutral Java: Which tool is best? - Java World
Calling C Code from Java

Unix/Linux shell scripts

SHELLdorado - Links
Alex Hioreanu: A Very Quick Intro to Modern Unices
Local Application Database


Design Bibliography: Welcome!
Reference Management Applications | MacResearch
TeXMed - Exporting PubMed to BibTeX


Linux Command Line Tips
TB Unix Cheat Sheet
Apple - Page Not Found
Ben's AppleScript Page
Quick Reference: Unix Commands
Quick Unix Reference
Google Code FAQ - Using cURL to interact with Google data services
AWK one liners


Vurdalak | Archived Seminar #10: Can’t Win, Can’t Break Even, Can’t Get Out of the Game