Gregor Overney's Work with Video Microscopy

Gregor sent me an example of here is one without the flashy titals the work. It is a 15 megabyte MP4 file that plays in Quick Time video on my computer. The file is loacated at:

Without titaling

Gregor describes the tools he used to make the Video:

The program I used for this is called Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 11, which sells for around 120 US$. It comes with full DVI support (mp4) and is really easy to use. My son used it for some of his school projects. For the entire movie I used a PixeLink PL-A662 Firewire camera using a CMOS sensor. It has a decent S/N but is not too sensitive. But the frame rate can be boosted to more than 50 frames/sec.

Gregor is quite busy and is rationing his time so he is away from the discussion groups right now.

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