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Rosenfelder Optics

would welcome the opportunity to satisfy your cleaning,  rebuilding or maintenance needs and, at the same time, also evaluate all functions regarding your instrument. You will be advised of existing problems, and any potential problems that may affect your microscope in the future. Please feel free to call or e-mail regarding any microscope questions you may have.

Microscopes are precision instruments

that require periodic attention in order to preserve investment value,  retain the comfort and precision designed into mechanical functions,  and maintain quality images that are par-focal as well as par-centric at all magnifications. Fingerprints, dust, immersion oil and foreign material that have accumulated on optics will seriously degrade image quality as well as possibly etch into the anti-reflection coatings and soft optical glass, effectively ruining expensive optics.

Regular use tends to demand attention to the mechanical systems as well as the oculars, objectives and condensers.

Even with no use, the specialized lubricants which "drive" moving parts will decay over time. Given the mechanical advantage of the complex drive systems used in coarse/fine focus, condenser and stage controls, serious potential exists (due to the stiffening of lubricants) to cause extremely expensive or irreparable damage to the mechanical systems.

A complete and comprehensive overhaul of the mechanical as well as optical systems will restore a microscope to original specifications and will insure many more usable years of life for the instrument.

All work performed  by  Rosenfelder Optics

will be at the rate of $64.00 per hour. Preventative maintenance can be performed on most microscopes in 30 to 45 minutes and can be serviced "on site". Systems requiring major work may need to be taken to the Optical Core facility. A 5 percent discount can be arranged for 10 or more microscopes at any one location.